Our Helpdesk handles all frontline administrative functions for many client engagements. Functions handled by the desk include:

  • Versatility: The Helpdesk is capable of handling any kind of product/service usage complaint. It can also handle non-technical service related complaints where we record feedback of clients on various facets such as product features, service availability, quality of offering and, where appropriate, offer solutions or workarounds. In cases where the intervention of the technology creator is needed, the process has been put in place to bring the end-customer compliant to their attention and also follow-up on the progress.
  • Precise Escalation: Technical Helpdesk receives customer calls, performs first level probing, creates a service request and routes the call to the appropriate technical support executive available. Though this task can be automated using IVR's and skill based call routing system, consumer device manufacturers opt for Helpdesk in cases where the number of list items in their product inventory is high.
  • Entitlement verification: The Helpdesk conducts checks for the support coverage that the customer has bought, its expiration date and what products are covered under that package. After the verification is completed, it then proceeds with support accordingly.
  • Providing service information: End users regularly may want to avail a variety of information such as product/support availability, latest versions/models, what's new in the latest releases, etc. Our Helpdesk is thus equipped to handle any such technical, licensing and service related queries.