Support Agent Profile
The desired level of understanding technology is not high. The profile is engineering graduates possessing technical expertise in various desktop operating systems, applications, devices, networking, security, Internet and web related technologies. They however have prior IT helpdesk experience which enables first contact resolution of the problem as well as providing the right solutions to the customers.
Customer Demarcations
While technology may be full of jargons and technical language, the end users understand none of it. It is therefore imperative that the engineers providing support should be able to grasp the customer problems, who speak in a non technical language. This requires adequate customer interaction skills which enable the engineers to understand the customer problem and provide necessary solutions.
Support Perspective
The problem in this case is localized and restricted to the application/device. The trouble shooting involves configuration, set-up and connectivity issues.
Support Characteristics
The solution to this problem requires up gradation of drivers or patch installs. The severity or complexity is restricted to the specific application/device.
Support Interaction
The support process is almost real time with direct offering of the solutions. The time span of intervention and providing support doesn't exceed more than 20 minutes in most cases.
Service Levels
The efficiency metrics comprise total calls handled daily, rate of first call resolution and the average time taken to close support.