At IceNet, services like marketing response, sales and sales support for inbound calls are also offered to our customers. These services are aimed at creating the right experience for our end users. These services are more value added in nature provided as part of the technical support. The idea being to satisfy our end users to the fullest which makes them come back to us again and again. This is not pure play sales but to cross sell products once the problem is solved and customer is happy.

  • Presales Support
    In the pre-sales stage, we resolve installation, connectivity and other software related problems. To cite an example, when consumers want to understand the technical aspects before buying or when customers need technical support to install and/or configure a product for trial. The inbound queries are handled either through voice calls or email.
  • Up-sell and Cross-sell
    IceNet also offers 'up-selling' services for customers who want to upgrade, install add-ons to a particular product or service. Also 'cross selling' services for goods and services also offered.

    Functions performed by our Technical Support executives comprise:
    • Using recommendations like - "Our experts suggest...", "Others who have purchased this have also bought..." to attract customers' attention.
    • Consistently position up-sells and cross-sells after successfully troubleshooting a customer query, when customer is in a stage of delight and attentive to any value adds.
    • Identify related items/services which are relevant to each product and offer the same through communication initiatives like customer satisfaction survey emails.
    • Package services & allied offerings such as extended warranties and more.