To meet your order volumes, aggressive delivery schedules, varied service requirements for your customers, we have on offer registration, provisioning, activation and client sign up services.

Since product installation and setup are undertaken at this stage, your end-customer might also need technical support to address configuration related issues. This service too is provided by IceNet, where we offer technical details and resolving setup related issues in an easy to understand and lucid style.

In general, a significant chunk of consumer clients call due to a "lost activation key". IceNet can create a fresh set of activation keys, or, recover the previously set activation key. Also, product re-activation is often required when a client has a system crash and loses earlier installations. At this stage, we offer quick validation, release previous installation registration and permit easy re-registration to ensure customer satisfaction.

So availing our services will enable you to:

  • Accelerate your time-to-market for new offerings at significantly lower operation costs.
  • Increase customer satisfaction by ensuring that initial service is effective and productive.