Consumer technology service industry is characterized by the breadth of its offerings. ISP's, VOIP, broadband phone, wired/wireless telecom, web based collaboration services, entertainment, portals, broadcast services etc. Increasingly, the Internet is becoming the medium for executing initiatives.

Consumer service providers have an immense opportunity to add sizeable customers to their base. There are however challenges:

  • Staying ahead of the competition by creating new high performance, high reliability services to retain & enhance your customer base.
  • Manage rising technology development and infrastructure management costs.
  • Solve customer queries the first-time. A failed service could result in a customer switching to alternate provider.
  • Outsource technical support to out perform the competition. A specialist on the job saves costs and at the same time ensures high quality service.
  • Technical support is sandwiched between a large network topology of the service provider vs. desktop configuration of the end user. It therefore requires a combination of technical abilities and problem analysis skills.
  • Since most consumer services belong to a category that's on-demand and high-demand, support requests will be of emergency nature. The swiftness & effectiveness of response and care expressed during the support interaction are key elements in ensuring higher customer satisfaction. Can an outsourced service provider ensure high levels of quality?

IceNet helps service provider's offer an increased quality of customer service while keeping costs at the bare minimum. We work with service providers, supporting virtually every aspect of customer-facing, provisioning, and back office processes.