Support engineer profile Expertise in relevant technology vertical and an overall understanding of key enterprise technology platforms.

Customer characterization
Tech savvy. Users of technology in area are administrator, manager and architects.
Relatively complex, layered application and Network infrastructure. Problem solving demands a phased solving approach as most often problems are embedded in production environments and therefore even security is a concern.
Nature of support
To trouble shoot an enterprise level technical Association issue, requiress detailed knowledge of infrastructure, which includes history of changes implemented.
Support Interaction
Involves multiple client interactions comprising of log files, secure system access, running simulations under laboratory conditions sometimes spanning over days.
Efficiency Metrics
Measure on a weekly basis. High emphasis on promptness and quality of solutions.
Change Management
Tier 1 is medium complexity and tier 2 indicates high nature of complexity. Both need a phased problem solving approach. Tier 3 requires co-ordination with clients' engineering team for top escalation layer trouble shooting and creating bug fixes. We can provide parts of Tier 3 support, thorugh interaction with engineering team to get necessary solution and closing the loop by overseeing its implementation at the end user location.