IT today plays a pivotal role in any organizations’’ success. It is therefore imperative that scalability, availability and performance is given due importance.

If organizations has built or plans to build a huge Lotus Domino or Microsoft Exchange based network that addresses multiple network topologies, server gateways, proxies and firewalls to manage your growing needs and handle increased traffic, then a specialist guidance is needed to answer these key questions:

  • Is critical data reaching the right people at the right time?
  • How much and where are e-mail traffic volumes getting out of control?
  • Are any users mis-using or abusing the network?
  • Are there any security issues with messaging or applications?
  • How can we handle a rapid increase in size or activity of the user community?
  • How do we reduce the strain on our archiving and backup systems?

If unidentified then these trends can result in increased costs, degradation of service quality and business disruption. Thus periodic health checks are needed to ensure that your system is running at an optimum level 24x7.

IceNet offers cutting edge technical services for designing, monitoring and managing enterprise-wide collaboration infrastructure.

Our Collaboration Systems Management service includes all of the following:

  • Assess your current messaging infrastructure and help formulate a messaging strategy meeting your business needs.
  • Offer integration, consolidation, optimization and migration of collaboration servers.
  • Implement critical security strategies including network security, privacy, and virus/spam protection.
  • Perform capacity planning, traffic optimization and load balancing.
  • Integrate/consolidate your different messaging systems, linking your business units and extending your company globally.
  • Contingency Services (recovery planning, backup, virus and data decay aspects).
  • Collaboration infrastructure cost reduction - elimination of e-waste.
  • Technical Support Services for the end-user and IT Team. Services range from creation of user accounts to management of server performance.