The world of telecommunication is moving faster than one can imagine. Mobile voice, LAN, VoIP, fixed DSL broadband, Wi-Fi broadband , WiMAX Networks and 3G mobile broadband - telecom companies are doing the fine act of balancing on next breakthrough innovation and enable customer satisfaction optimize. The idea is to unify the telecom & data network and gain more return on the investments:

  • Deployment support of network-based solutions, mobile and wireless communications.
  • Use Quality of Service policies and tools to prioritize network traffic.
  • Enterprise-wide telecommunications security.
  • Adoption and deployment of VoIP.
  • Deployment Support of Virtual Private Networks.
  • Support for WiMAX and Wi-Fi devices and Networks.


Billing, Rating, Plan creation, Bill printing, Managed Services
Network Management:
Transmission Technologies:
ISDN, H323, SIP, G711, G723, G729, RTP, RTCP, Frame Relay, ATM, T1/E1, SS7
Mobile Software / OPS Skills:
SMS, MMS, Push Technology, Mobile access gateway, Notification services, mobile message gateway, WAP Gateway, SMSC, Push proxy gateway, transcoders, and other services such as mobile value added services.