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  • A Weight-Loss Program For Data Centers

    The process allows multiple physical servers to be consolidated to run multiple secure virtual servers. This creates an opportunity to reduce hardware acquisition and management costs. The core idea of hardware virtualization is simple: Use software to create a virtual machine that emulates a physical computer. This creates a separate OS environment that is logically isolated from the host server. By providing multiple Virtual Machines at once, this approach allows running several operating systems simultaneously on a single physical machine.

    Rather than paying for many under-utilized server machines, each dedicated to a specific workload, server virtualization allows consolidating those workloads onto a smaller number of more fully-used machines. This implies fewer people to manage those computers, less space to house them, and fewer kilowatt hours of power to run them, all of which saves money.

  • The Show Must Always Go On

    • Disaster Recovery
    • High Availability

    Virtualization can help you meet your business challenges through easier access to applications and providing resilient infrastructures — from mitigating planned or unplanned outages to full disaster recovery. Virtualization can help to:

    • Increase the availability of your applications and workloads.
    • Insulate users from system failures.
    • Lower the cost of disaster recovery.

    Server virtualization also makes restoring failed systems easier. Virtual Machines are stored as files, and so restoring a failed system can be as simple as copying its file onto a new machine. Virtualization can help to lower the cost of a disaster recovery site by allowing a ‘mix and match’ of technologies.

  • Getting Ready For A Virtual Makeover

    The virtualization assessment is a 4-5 day fixed price engagement that analyzes your IT infrastructure and delivers recommendations on how virtualization can increase your quality of service an decrease your total cost of ownership. The Virtualization Assessment analyzes factors such as server utilization, server consolidation, application failover, application isolation, memory, storage, security and more.

    The assessment will be customized to your organization’s specific needs, but will include many of the following topics:

    • Test and development environment virtualization
    • Disaster Recovery Scenarios
    • Space/Heat/Power conservation
    • Physical to Virtual Machine migration
    • Server consolidation and virtualization
    • Asset management
    • Legacy Application hosting

  • Your Desktop Can Now Exist On Any Desk You Want

    This is a revolutionary concept where all the desktops get loaded from the central server. Desktop machines are dumb terminals and processing power comes from the central virtual desktop machines. This concept is very useful in BPO and Call center operations where one PC is used by multiple people in shifts. This is useful in college labs also. There is a growing expectation that people will be able to work from anywhere and have access to their data at any time.